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yoni eggs

Women around the world are looking for new forms of self development, wellness and health.


Integrative therapies are ways to search self-awareness and power that facilitate the increase of self-esteem, love and relationship furtherance.


In this pursuit, yoni egg therapy has been positively experienced.

In order for you to start your studies independently, we have created an introductory guide to this discipline presented in classes with Portuguese audio and English subtitles.

eggs hand

Lesson 1

  • What are Yoni Eggs?

  • What is Yoni Eggs’ history? 

  • Which are the Yoni Eggs’ benefits?

Lesson 2

  • Yoni Egg Mothers’ Lineage

  • Consciousness of the Pelvic Floor

  • How the Yoni Eggs work

  • Which are the types

  • Which are the sizes

Lesson 3

  • Types of stones

  • Stones’ sizes

  • Where do the eggs settle?

  • What if the egg gets stuck?

  • With or without perforations?

Lesson 4

  • Eggs’ cleansing

  • Energization

  • Altar

Lesson 5

  • Supportive treatments

  • Vaginal Pearls

  • Crystal Elixirs

Lesson 6

  • The stones’ usage time

  • I use an IUD, can I use the Eggs?

  • Usage restrictions

  • How the eggs work

  • Stones’ sequencing

  • Restrictive stones



Free Attendance

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When can you start?

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What is the investment?

USD 60

Payment link:

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Who are this classes for?

Women starting from 18 years old.

How long can I access the course?

90 days


Available courses in Portuguese

  • Módulo 1 - Xamã do Ovos de Cristal 

  • Módulo 2 - Mãe dos Ovos de Dragão

  • Módulo 3 - Alquimistas dos Ovos de Pedra 

Complementary Courses

  • Introdução ao Yoni Eggs 

  • Cristaloterapia módulo 1 , 2 , 3 e 4

  • Cristaloterapia Alquímica - Propriedades Curativas 

  • Cristaloterapia Alquímica - Propriedades Terapêuticas 

  • Cristaloterapia Alquímica - Elixirs 

  • Cristaloterapia Alquímica - Grades de Cristal e Geobiologia 

woman yoni eggs
yoni eggs mother

Mais de 1500 mulheres passaram por essa formação, venha estudar na Academia de Cristais da Síntese®.

Love and Light, Ana Terazu.

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